Who are we?

The Campaign «Euro 08 against trafficking in women» was launched by a coalition of 25 organisations. More groups supported the campaign as collective members of our association, which was open to any individual or organisation committed to the purpose of our campaign.

The coalition was not politically biased. Its base was the exigency of guarantees as well as the respect of human rights and dignity for all without regard to gender, origin or standing. If the coalition did not take position in favour or against prostitution, it did clearly stand against any form of forced prostitution.

The Coalition:

More organisations supported the campaign as collective members of the association «Euro 08 against trafficking in women and forced prostitution».

The Board:

Coordinator of the campaign:

Yvonne Zimmermann

Collective Members :

Aktion 8. März Basel-Stadt, alliance F, Antenna MayDay Lugano, Arbeitskreis für Zeitfragen Biel, arbeitskreis tourismus und entwicklung, CASTAGNA Zurich, Colonia Libera Italiana di Basilea, comedia – trade union of media workers, Fondation Emilie Gourd, FrauenKirche Central Switzerland, Frauenzentrale BE, FSB Frauenseminar Bodensee GmbH, Green Party Switzerland, IAW – International Alliance of Women, Junge Alternative JA!, Catholic Women's Federation Zurich, Kickoff2008, Mitternachtsmission Basel, Ökumenisches Aidspfarramt beider Basel, PeaceWomen Across the Globe, Primis Ticino, Proitera, RomeroHaus Luzern, Stiftung Frauenhaus Zürich, Tanzleila, Verein IG Sozialhilfe, Women for Peace Switzerland, Women Lawyers Switzerland, women of the SEV trade union